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Premiere: May 6 to 8, 2021; Vancouver International Dance Festival.


Duration: 45 minutes.


Longing... is a two-part performance based on the universal themes of romantic and spiritual yearning for love, companionship and oneness.


Dance and Visual Direction: Vidya Kotamraju.


Choreography: Vidya Kotamraju (Prelude), Bragha Bessell (Act 1), Jai Govinda (Act 2).

Photos and Motion Poster: Ron Sangha (Photography), Kasina Sree Vardhan (Graphic Design).


Trailer: Jo Hirabayashi (Videography), Ron Sangha (Photography),  Kasina Sree Vardhan (Graphic Design), Rekesh Chauhan and Nandini Shankar (Music).


Producer: Vancouver International Dance Center.

The support of The Dance Center is gratefully acknowledged.

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